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Darkness D-Day Saturday

We’ll see you all at the brewery at 4:30am, right? Yikes! Come join us in line on Saturday for Darkness at Surly! At least some of the MNBeer crew will be on hand to join in on the festivities, drink your spare beers and of course get our grubby little hands on some Darkness.

Dare I ask when you all are planning to arrive? If they start checking IDs at 9am and start selling Darkness at 2pm, what shall we do to entertain ourselves?

Tip of the day from MNBeer… dress warm! Cotton kills!  SmartWool is my favorite choice for keeping your feet warm and dry in cold weather. It’s not cheap, but it’s warm, super-soft and doesn’t stink!

Good morning Surly Nation. You’ve been having fun all weekend and its time to get back to work… great job, it’s not even 9:00 and you’re thinking about beer.

D-Day (Darkness Day) commeth! This Saturday, December 15th. Since people have promised insanity, we present the following ground rules.

Surly will open the gates to the brewery at 9:00 A.M. At that point we will start checking IDs. Individuals can not “hold” places in line for others, and we will not save bottles for people. 480 bottles will be available, thus after 240 people have queued up, will we let people know that we are sold out. As soon as we know, we will change the message our phone message and this web-site.

There will be access to a restroom before 9am. We will start selling Darkness 750’s at 2:00PM. 2 bottles max per person, $15 each (plus tax). To help speed things along, we are taking CASH ONLY. The total will be $33 for 2 bottles, including tax.

If you have more than $33 burning a hole in your pocket, good news! We will have warm food available for purchase at the brewery. Uncle Frankies will be selling Hot Dogs during the day. We will also be selling growlers and merch from our regular hours of noon-2:00. Individuals waiting for Darkness will be able to purchase merchandise and growlers of Bender and Furious during that time – you won’t lose your place in line. If we are sold out of Darkness, you can still come on in and purchase growlers of Bender and Furious to get a Surly fix.

The Darkness sale will happen at a different location in the brewery than normal, so we can keep things moving quickly.

And for those who just can’t join us, there will be 6 individual bottles of Darkness sold on Ebay to raise money for EnergyCents, a Minnesota non-profit group that works to keep the lights and power on for folks that are having trouble with their utility bills. There will be a link on this page when the sale starts, December 16th.

Being that it is a Surly event, there are some surprises, and it should be fun for everybody.

One more thing… numerous people have asked when they should show up to guarantee that they get Darkness. We’ll soon be able to tell you when to get there in 2008, but 2007’s start time is anyone’s guess….

Smoke has been released and delivered to the following bars:Mill City Café, Washington Square Grill, Mad Cappers, Stub & Herbs, Pracna, Busters, Blue Nile, Café twenty-eight, Acadia, Grumpy’s NE, Muddy Pig, Happy Gnome and Mackenzies.

We will be having a cask event at Groveland Tap next week and the two release party will happen in January at the new Acadia Café. What is two you ask, it’s our second anniversary dark ale brewed with over 40 pounds of cranberries per barrel!

See you drinking.


  1. skypilot says:

    Might as well make this 100 comments!!!!

    There done.

  2. surlybrewer says:

    1)Rush does Rule- great show at the Excel!Horrible beers for 11$
    2)Steve-You are known as HateBoy because you hate fanboys,not Surly.
    3)Don the answer is yes.

  3. chad says:

    It took far too long to Godwin this discussion.

  4. Don says:

    Oh, we will be bringing beer. Are we “able”? I say go for it and ask permission later.

    Have you seen footage from Three Floyd’s Darklord day? (check You Tube) Beer flows like… beer in a craft brewery parking lot. In that case, it comes from all over the country too, so you get a chance to sample all kinds of different things. At least that is how it looks; I have not been there for that.

  5. Trav says:

    I would sure think they will hand out tickets or somthing as they say you will be able to purchase growlers if you want and not lose your place in line. Also, Omar commented that he has no control over people bringin beer to drink outside the gates. You can do it, but run a small risk of getting in trouble…but keep it discreet, probably be ok?

  6. Ben says:

    It has been posted elsewhere that you cannot bring beer to drink on Surly property. You can take your chances drinking in the streets but it the police happen to show up you risk a fine and maybe worse.

  7. Eric says:

    Dark lord day is a huge boon for the munster, in community. Have you ever been there? I’m guessing the local law enforcement turns their eyes a little more than they might here. There is no subtlety at dl day–people set up tables to facilitate trades and tasting.

  8. fantome says:

    Best thread ever.

  9. Eric says:

    Here’s a funny thought: what if only 150 or 200 people show up?

    I’ll be so bitter knowing I could have slept in!

  10. Trav says:

    Where is it “posted elsewhere that you cannot bring beer to drink on Surly property.”? Not on BA or RB that I can see.?

  11. Ben says:

    Eric: I think Three Floyds is a bit stupid to allow what they do. People show up and get absolutely tanked (there were tons of drunks). Then they get in their cars and drive out of there. Three Floyds would be liable if any of them were to get into an accident and kill someone and may be liable if someone was to get a DWI. Yeah it’s a great time to go there and have some beer but there needs to be some kind of control put in place there.

  12. Drew says:

    Funny thought though it is, Eric, I think it’s safe to say that the bottles will be sold. Whether or not you consider Darkness to be an overhyped product, at least 240 won’t.

    Like I said a few weeks ago on this forum, I’d love to have a bottle or two for cellaring – because it is mighty good, y’know.

    I’ll just wait for the far-off day when I can get a Darkness at the liquor store.

  13. Eric says:

    Ben, it is northwest Indiana we’re talking about here….not exactly the hot bed of intellect (no offense to my sis and her fam who live there).

  14. HateBoy says:

    “Steve-You are known as HateBoy because you hate fanboys,not Surly.”


    If I hated Surly afficianados, I would have gotten a bogus gmail address, called myself Gunter and really flamed the fanboys.

    I was trying to get a handle on something I didn’t understand. Maybe I shouldn’t have chided the fanboys or used that word, but seriously, I don’t hate Surly fans. I do however have a much better understanding based on some of the things people said, particularly about inclusiveness and such.

  15. Cecil says:

    I think someone should make a couple hundred copies of this thread and hand them out on Saturday. May as well add to the hysteria.

  16. HateBoy says:

    Do it.

    Then they can carry pitchforks and burn me in effigy to keep warm.

  17. Cecil says:

    I was thinking more like Waterboarding with Surly Beer. Ha Ha. Just kidding.

  18. surlybrewer says:

    I yanking your chain….another cheap stunt if you will….step away from the keyboard and have a beer…see ya saturday!

  19. al says:

    15. Steve | December 10th, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    I think to some extent Surly is a fad. HOPS!!! HOPS!!! HOPS!!! Yawn. Been there. Done that. Same with RIS, which to beer newbies is cool, but from what I’ve observed, as a beer nerd for more than a decade now, is that palate’s grow.
    Many people gravitate to the extremes in hops and gravity, but after some time look for more nuance and flavor variations.
    There’s more to beer life than a hop kick in the face.

    and then:
    56. Steve | December 11th, 2007 at 12:38 pm
    Town Hall Maharaja
    Barley Johns Old 8 Porter
    Anything hoppy from Fitgers

    notice “anything hoppy from Fitger’s”…no, discriminaton there, as long as it’s hops, hops, hops, it’s okay by you.

    Some people spend there whole lives loving hops, and never outgrow that love. I’m closing in on 2 decades of hop loving. Thanks to Surly for helping me feed the beast!

  20. al says:

    23. Steve | December 10th, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    To me, all the special releases and limited edition things come across as exclusive and not inclusive.

    56. Steve | December 11th, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    Minnesota beers I go out of my way to support:

    Summit cask porter
    Summit cask brett stout

    hmmm, two beers that have been special editions or llimited releases at festivals…hmmm, no hypocrisy here…

  21. mr. furley says:

    Steve> hi

    why so angry? we got your point. it’s okay to let it go now.


  22. HateBoy says:

    “notice “anything hoppy from Fitger’s”…no, discriminaton there, as long as it’s hops, hops, hops, it’s okay by you.”

    I just think Fitgers hoppy beers have more balance. And I didn’t have to stand in line for the Summit cask stuff. I had it at the brewery with the brewer.

    “why so angry?”

    I’m not.


    Nice one!

    But ….I read somewhere that it ISN’T torture and the US doesn’t torture.

    I believe everything I read. Especially shit on that interweb dealy. You know the place? It’s where sometimes things can get mis-read as angry and mean when they’re not intended to be?

  23. Nase says:

    Mr. furley, I totally agree.

    Steve> Have a nice season.

  24. Ben says:

    Aaaaaaw, groups hug everyone! 😀

  25. Hitler says:


    No hugs for you.

  26. al says:

    Now we know you’re Hitler…

  27. al says:

    122. HateBoy | December 13th, 2007 at 8:11 am

    “notice “anything hoppy from Fitger’s”…no, discriminaton there, as long as it’s hops, hops, hops, it’s okay by you.”
    I just think Fitgers hoppy beers have more balance.

    I find Furious to be quite balanced, Bender too..

    “And I didn’t have to stand in line for the Summit cask stuff. I had it at the brewery with the brewer.”

    well, isn’t that even more exclusive?
    if more than one person wants it at once, there will always be some wait…turns out Darkness is just much more popular than those favorites of yours…I think you’re jealous.

    what’s even weirder about the interweb dealy is people who switch off identities for different posts, Steve/Hitler/Hateboy…pick one and stick with it!

  28. Sybil says:

    “what’s even weirder about the interweb dealy is people who switch off identities for different posts, Steve/Hitler/Hateboy…pick one and stick with it!”

    I didn’t know there were so many rules here, Al.

    What’s to be jealous of? Think what you like.I’ve had darkness. One $9 glass was enough for me.

  29. Definitely Not Ben says:

    I agree with Ben. Group hug and everyone is happy.

  30. ryan says:

    I need a beer.

  31. Ben says:

    A beer sounds like a great idea. Mulling over the idea of buying this chest freezer a homebrewer just posted that holds 17 cornie kegs. Just got my holiday bonus today. :-X Seems a bit excessive though.

  32. al says:


    how does everyone let Happy Gnome get away with this?
    No one went higher than $7.50…and I thought my $6.66 was too low, but…jeezus!

  33. Eric says:

    No more excessive than standing in line for 5 hours in single degree temps for a bottle of friggin beer. We’re all a little excessive here. Do it!

    See ya tomorrow, bright and early!

  34. shane (dancin' man) says:

    official weather service forcast is as follows (per 7 pm friday ight)

    low at sunrise will be -5
    high will be 18

    dress warm see ya at sun up! 🙂

  35. skypilot says:

    Hope the Drakness is worth it!

  36. ryan says:

    Hey, it’s 2 degrees right now! WOO!

  37. al says:

    the Drakness is so worth it!

    and no one stood in line for 5 hours. Those of us who dared to do so, were rewarded by not having to do so.

    Sorry, haters!

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