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Day of Dark Ales at The Blue Nile

This sounds enticing… Sounds like a nice day to visit The Blue Nile!

Hey, guys, just a little note to give you a preview of something I’ve got coming up in about 3, 4 weeks. Saturday, November 1, all the taps at the Blue Nile will be occupied by stouts and porters. This date was specifically chosen to celebrate the first birthday of a keg of Bell’s Expedition Stout I’ve been aging since earlier this year. (LAbel says it was brewed 11/1/2007)

So, to celebrate it’s birthday (this is the longest I’ve aged a keg yet), it’s brothers and cousins in the stout and porter family are joining the party.

Here’s what will/may appear, in order of likelihood:
Surly Darkness RIS
Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy RIS
North Coast Old RAsputin RIS
Surly Coffee Bender
Lion Stout
Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence
Furthermore Three Feet Deep smoked stout
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter
Southern Tier Oat
Moylan’s Ryan O’Sullivan’s RIS
O’mmegang Irish Stout (?)
Flat Earth Cygnus X1 Rye Porter (?)
Salopian Entire Butt English Porter
Bell’s Java Stout
Bell’s Cherry Stout
and maybe others…? Depends on what we can get, when it shows up…

It’ll start at 4, kicked off with a cask of Bell’s Porter.

At 6pm, the birthday boy will get hooked up, and we’ll probably do 6 ounce pours so everyone can get some.

Then at 7pm, a firkin of Surly Smoke.

I’ll enter this as an event once I think of the name. “Day of Darkness” may get confused with “Darkness Day”…so, hope this sounds cool, …I’m going to get the work out and hope for a big turnout…the earlier folks show up and the more they try, the more beers I can tap. And that makes it more fun!

hope to see ya!



  1. Ooooooooooh…..sounds awesome…a rare moment of speechlessness.

  2. Bock Boy says:

    All I can say is……wow.

  3. Alex says:

    Sounds great, ill definatly be there. surly smoke!

  4. Great selection, Al!! This will be very cool. I will definitely have a driver for that night. Lots of my favorites and some I haven’t tried.

  5. al says:

    This is now known as Ale Saint’s Day. I have a flier made up with info, and it will be online for viewing soon. If I know you and run into you in the next week, I’ll hand one out to you!–Al

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