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December BYO: Rick Oftel’s “Super Cooler”

Super Cooler, Dec. BYOThere’s a great piece in the December issue of BYO by a Minnesota homebrewer, Rick Oftel, who modified a discarded Pepsi cooler to create a great cooler/keggerator that makes this homebrewer jealous (my two-tap, two-keg Sanyo fridge just doesn’t measure up). This is great… it reads like something out of A Prairie Home Companion…

On Wednesday afternoon, rush hour traffic was slightly inconvenienced as a 1967 Wheel Horse lawn tractor and miniature tilt-bed trailer embarked on a 3-mile cooler retrieval mission. The rig, top speed of 6.5 mph, arrived safely at the scene.

Lest we forget, the St. Paul Homebrewers Club was featured in the November issue of BYO as well.

Congrats to all. Oh, and Rick, if you need help with consuming all of that beer, just drop us a line!