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Design a Surly Coaster

So you think you can draw? Can you come up with a Surly approved drawing that fits in the confines of a coaster? If you’re up for the challenge, keep reading!

Have you noticed while drinking at your favorite watering hole that the Surly coasters only have one printed side? There is a good reason for that. We want to put your art work on that blank side. We need to order 100,000 more coasters, so why not have a contest. Pick up a coaster at your favorite bar. Sketch, paint or draw your idea of what should be on that blank canvas. Drink a Surly for inspiration. You will need to mail that coaster to Surly. Your other option will be to drop it off at a spot to be determined during Art-O-Whirl in NorthEast. In addition to your coaster art, we will need your name, email, phone # and the bar where you picked up the coaster. We will pick a winning submission and have the announcement at the bar which the coaster came from. We will have the announcement the 3rd week of May. You, as winning artist, will probably have to do the art work again and submit it to us in some sort of computer file. We are getting low on coasters, so get to work!
What’s in it for you? 100,000 pieces of your design around the twin cities finest drinking establishments. Your name on each one of those coasters. A great conversation starter at a bar. A Great pick-up line. But wait there is more! You also get a 15.5 gallon keg of your favorite Surly beer.
I’m sure the rules will change as folks point out holes in this plan as large as the plot holes in Matrix 3.
One more thing, we hope to make this an annual event and choose a new design yearly.

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