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Enough about me, let’s talk about me…

Friends, Minnesotans, brewers, lend me your ears… I don’t come to bury Caeser, but I do plan to leave my current job and I’m looking to my friends, associates and various other sources for some help in finding a new job. For a variety of reasons, I’ve decided to move on and do something new. So I’m looking to you, dear readers, for suggestions, references and whatever else you might be able to share. Does your company need a friendly, creative and hard-working fellow such as myself? I have a background in design for print and the web with a number of years of experience in the printing industry. I’ve done it all – print design, web design, copywriting, tech work, etc. My resume, portfolio and whatnot can be found over at Readers, can you help a brother out?

I’m not against exploring options outside of my direct experience. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind sharing Papazian’s sentiment that “Beer is my business, and I’m late for work.” Eh, who knows? Drop me a line at ryan AT with suggestions, references, hints and well-concealed cash.

We now return you to the world of beer in Minnesota.