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Rails & Ales: Light Rail Brewery Crawl

Rails & Ales: Light Rail Brewery Crawl


12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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“Hop” aboard Metro Transit’s brand new Green Line with hundreds of your newest friends and ride the rails to eight unique local breweries within walking distance of the many stops between Minneapolis and St. Paul. Throughout your Light Rail “crawl”, each brewery will offer special discounts on beer, food, and merchandise. As you travel down the tracks, you can enjoy tours of select breweries, kick-back to some live music, order up pints of exclusive casks and firkins, and taste a wide variety of the finest brews in the Twin Cities!

Your ticket includes:
– 2 Pints of Craft Beer From Any Participating Brewery
– Rails & Ales T-Shirt
– All-Day Light Rail Pass
– Event Passport & Guide
– Special Discounts on Food, Beer, & Merch
– Access to Exclusive Firkins
– Live Music
– Entry to Win Beer-Related Prizes

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  1. marc nall says:

    I am not able to get past the Metro rail questionnaire?? I was able to get the waiver. I cant dowload the actual pass as it just is hung up on the browser. Please help!

    this is my first time with this

    612 804 3678

  2. dan sar says:

    Rail & Alles Sweet Deal v01

    actualy ,

    Rail & Alles Sour & No so Sweet Deal ,

    all invented by uncle sam ,

    with it alcoholic beverages industry ,

    in the district 12 of the city of saint paul ,

    already many busines that help prolifareate this industry ,

    but also at the expense of people geting drunk ,

    the train , at least the green line LRT ,

    already got as far as i know , in 3 separate incidents with the train system ,

    plus one on Raymond Avenue , in which the van pasangers , 3 were drunk ,

    on that friday night ,

    & worth mentioning , the drunk driver that crashe a large pedal bus & injure people .

    any how , after geting a lot of information by year 2015 , summer ,

    in the 2nd even of Rail & Alleys , promoted by the twin cities ,

    so citizens visit the beer brewries ,

    it sells the even tickes for $30 dollar or more ,

    not sure if they get a free T-shirt , or free ride on the train ,

    but not on the $10 dollar ride of the pedy taxi cab ,

    in case the brewery is either too far , with out or incomplate or broken sidewalks ,

    or people are too dizzy or tire or overweight to walk as a normal person ,

    the pedi cycle drivers , few afro americans , one woman , all not overweighted ,

    did pedal the heavy tricycle & one with trailer , carrying from one to up to 3 per cart or six with trailer & with out electric assistem motor , for about half of a kilometer from the rail line of Raymond Avenu to Edicot street ,

    the city seem expects citizens not to get drunk ,

    so it gives them only two tockents with the even tickets , & can purchase food or drinks ,

    the beers seem run from $ 5 to $6 , a bit expensive & the glass is large ,

    seems at least half a liter they force you to drink more ,

    i though 12 oz [ 355] was the standart , not is 16 oz , 16.9 , 20 & 24 fluid oz.

    the food is also expensive ,

    & how many brewries the citizens end visiting .

    the other problem explained to the staff of the city this same week at the Land Use commite of district # 12 , was that many of these even people last year were seen any of the following :

    leaving the beer untoched at the side of the road along Hamped Avenue ,

    this year seem they figure to control the exit of the drinks ,
    & not allow drinks to be taken out , seem it did work out ,
    because there were many condor citizens looking for high quality & expensive good beer at the side of the road , for free & fresh ,

    the other future this year 2015 beside the pedic cabs from Chicago & Bogota ,

    were that the drunk participants were walking not only on the road streets ,

    University Avenue but on the train tracks ,

    not sure how that went this year , i only saw some people walking on Hampdem Avenue road , as the sidewalks were not compleate , shifted , narrow .

    all this people are yough , in their 20’s or 30’s , educated , & many overweight ,

    so , i am not sure what the city & health department are trying to do to the citizens , clearly this capitalistic , suposely democratic economic straties ,

    are some how back firing the government & society itself ,

    one benefit , was that those people were not using a car , not driving ,

    that is realy important , it would be like to allow to play with fire , a gun ,
    but with out matches & bullets ,

    still , we are far from a real sound & smart way of doing busines with the society ,

    uncle sam profit so much & so manipulative , controlling , capitalistic ,

    & with out the need to vote on behave or againt those stratigies ,

    i think many would have reject the LRT Green line & the liquore stores & beer brewries in their district , but no , the city , state & city council ,

    manage ways to by pass that proces , i do not know , we do not know if this is democracy or just pure bold blont capitalism monopoly mafia gang members ,

    between the industires & uncle sam .


    end 1


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