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Fair State Mirror Universe Review

Haze is all the craze right now and Fair State Brewing seems to be embracing (sorry Niko) this trend. Their collaboration with Modern Times out of San Diego called Spirit Foul was a hit so it’s no wonder they’re going forward with this popular IPA style. Throw in a Star Trek reference and you have my attention. Here are my thoughts on Mirror Universe.

Like all hazy IPAs this looks like grapefruit juice in a fancy glass. Pineapple and papaya come through in the nose and in the flavor but the level of bitterness is very low. This feels like a mouthful of juice, similar to drinking a mimosa. Overall a nice version of the style and very similar to Spirit Foul which is still their best hazy IPA.

Modist is still the local darling when it comes to this style, but don’t sleep on Fair State. They seem to do everything pretty damn well. Grab a four pack of Mirror Universe if you don’t believe me.



  1. Pete waldon says:

    Tried mirror universe on st pats day in St. Paul. I’m thinking something got away from the brewer. Grapefruit onions garlic and salt. A rare combo. Spoke w Erik from mighty axe hops bout this. His interpretation of onions n garlic garlic was “dankness”. Erik and I need to get on the same page w/ our adjectives. PS. I built & owned Glacial Lakes Brewing in New York Mills. Brewed and sold my first craft beer in 1997. Sold brewery in 2002. The buyer still has every piece of equipment in storage, never put it back together. I saw all of it a month ago

  2. ryan says:

    Hi Pete-
    How does your palate take other beers hopped with Mosaic hops? I’ve noticed that I’m not a fan most beers that utilize that hop thanks to the onion/garlic flavor that I get. I’ve noticed that other friends whose tastes I respect (such as Ryan T. who reviewed this) don’t have the same issues. It’s a really weird flavor thing, I believe.

    I grew up in Fergus Falls but left before Glacial Lakes opened. I was always curious.

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