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Finding Fulton

Can’t make it to Fulton’s release party Wednesday night? Hoping to win the title of biggest fan? Either way, here are some more places you can catch up with the Fulton brewers this week.

Acadia Cafe, 4-7 p.m. Thursday (during happy hour)
Stub & Herb’s 6 p.m.-ish Saturday (CORRECTED: AFTER the Gopher game’s kick-off)

Or if you just want to get a taste of their brew, it should be on tap The Happy Gnome, The Muddy Pig, Stub & Herb’s, Acadia Cafe, Bryant lake Bowl, Edina Grill and 3 Squares.


  1. I arrived at the release event at 6:45 PM to find a sign saying I was a second class citizen in Fulton’s world. There was a sign proclaiming a VIP event at The Happy Gnome from 6-7 for Fulton. Since I was not invited to the event, I infer I’m not as important as those who were invited. Fulton failed by telling potential customers (me) they are second class citizens. And maybe had the bartender at The Happy Gnome not been so enraptured with his paperwork, I might have sampled a Fulton’s beer. As it was, I left to enjoy many non-Fulton beers at another local bar.

  2. Chip W. says:

    I don’t have an opinion yet, just wanted to share this link:

  3. Mag says:

    So, were you actually turned away at the event because you hadn’t been invited? There was no information indicating that this was an invitation-only event. In fact, their website called this a public event. I hope no one else who came for the event was turned away. Is it possible that this was a condition put on by the Gnome?

  4. don says:

    I went. I saw a sign that said (I think) Fulton Release Party Upstairs – Private VIP 6-7. After 7pm: Public. I just went into the main bar area, drank a glass of Fulton, and got out of there and on with my night. I suspected the Private part of the release party was for investors, family, and close friends. After 7:00, anyone could join in. Didn’t bother me. The beer was easily available downstairs. It was pretty good too, but maybe more of a Pale Ale than an IPA. The Glacier and Simcoe hops really came through nicely and the beer was well made.

  5. Mag says:

    Ahh, thanks don.

  6. It is bad form to hold a VIP party at the same location immediately before the public party. It sends a message that some customers are more important than others. I’ve been to numerous brewery events where the brewery staff has greeted and welcomed their customers. I did not feel welcomed nor my business wanted by the Fulton people.

  7. Brandon says:

    Wow Scott, don’t be dramatic about it or anything. You say that “It is bad form to hold a VIP party at the same location immediately before the public party. It sends a message that some customers are more important than others.” Like a previous poster mentioned, these were probably family, investors, and other business associates, not some random potential customers deemed ‘more important’ than you. I’m guessing had you stuck around for the public event instead of having a tantrum and stomping out, the brewers would have been more than happy to welcome drinkers and talk beer. All they wanted was one private hour to celebrate their kick-off with people close to the business prior to the public event. Get over it!

  8. Mag says:

    I know where you’re coming from, Scott, given that we’ve discussed this topic or some form of it previously, but I have to disagree about this being bad form. I wouldn’t read too much into it. I think don’s assumption about the VIP event is right, but even if not, meh.

    The fact of the matter is that some customers ARE more important than others, whether we like it or not. Businesses are getting a lot better about targeting specific customers and giving them preferential treatment. It makes sense from a business perspective if you can do it. But I also understand your objections. And I also suspect this was not the case with this event.

    Of course, this could all have been some nefarious scheme to prevent you from yelling out, “Happy for Coming,” as you left the event.

  9. Kristen England says:

    ‘The fact of the matter is that some customers ARE more important than others, whether we like it or not. ‘

    But on the first release!? That’s rubbish. All of this VIP stuff should have gone on before opening night in another location. I was at the bar last night and saw a few people weren’t happy with it. Opening night isn’t about self agrandizing, it should be about getting as many of your new pints into as many hands as possible.

    We got there early, 4ish, and had to wait until 7 to try the beer. A few of the brewers were sitting at the bar next to us and saw me try to order and get told it doesn’t start tapping until 7. If it was me, I would have bought any one interested a pint. At $4, thats dirt cheap marketing but I wasn’t offended in the least. What really was silly about the whole thing is that at 7pm, on the dot, the bartender sat down our pints. No announcement, no speak, nothing, zero. All those people standing around waiting for this new beer and nothing. A chance to talk to the ‘plebs’ wasted.

  10. DanK says:

    I guess I don’t understand. The post said it started at 7. So why is there any problem with a private event before hand?

  11. Kris says:

    From an event planner and host perspective, regardless of what time you say an event starts you must be aware that people will show up early. Pretty consistently at least a few people will show up at any event, not to mention the debut of a new brewery, early, as in expect them 1/2 hour early. In this case, I think it would have been prudent for at least a couple of the Fulton guys to make their way downstairs so that they could greet their potential new fans.

  12. Duke says:

    I dont know, I can see how people might be pissed, but the event was scheduled for 7PM. Every beer release Ive been to Ive had to wait for the release time of the beer. Also, its not like the staff at the Happy Gnome are known for their good service. Oh well, it was good stuff and I look foward to drinking more of it and other Fulton offerings.

  13. Deano says:

    As always communication is key. If the Fulton crew had posted in their announcement to the public that there would be a VIP event right before (and based on comments here I am assuming they did not), I’m guessing a lot of the “bad press” could have been avoided. I don’t know if it was bad form or not to have the VIP event at the same location right before the event. Personally, I would have done it another night or at another location.

    One thing to note is that for every person who lets you know they didn’t like something, there are usually quite a few more that feel the same way and don’t say anything.


  14. beerfan says:

    Had a pint of the Fulton at the Gnome. Doesn’t live up to the web site description. I found it more malty than hoppy. OK beer, but not an IPA, more an amber. Subdued hop nose, not a lot of bitterness. Probably wouldn’t order it again unless all the choices other choices were Bud Light and Bud Lime.

  15. beerfan says:


    Boo effing hoo. Grow up.

  16. Kristen England says:


    Very good points. I showed up knowing full well that ‘things’ don’t get kicked off until 7pm. I didn’t, however, understand that meant that there beer wasn’t going to be poured until then. I know for next time.

    The reason I posted was not to complain but in hopes that the guys will take my comments to heart and learn from it. If they didn’t see it or have never been to an actual beer release from a tried and true brewery they wouldn’t know. All the breweries I’ve consulted for and helped in some fashion its always of the utmost importance to talk with as many people as possible. Word of mouth is a very good means of viral advertising…especially in Minnesota.


    What about Miller chill or the High Life? Disconcerted palates want to know!

  17. Deano says:

    Good point about talking to people. If it was me, I’d have told them, “Certainly say hi to people you already know, but work the room, work the room, work the room!”.

    As for an ABS (Alternate Beer Selection), don’t forget “Triple Hops Brewed” Miller Lite. 😛


  18. beerfan says:

    Everyone who’s anyone knows Lite Chill rules.

    I haven’t been to a beer release before, but Kristen has a good point. An annoucement or some schmoozing by the “brewers” would have been good PR.

  19. Duke says:

    Why did you put “brewers” in parenthesis?

  20. I’m aware from a business perspective some people are more important than others. However it’s not wise for a business to point that out in this supposedly egalitarian society. Had the VIP party been been simply labeled as a private party, with no status connotations, I would have passed it off as don did.

    And contrary to Brandon’s assertion, I stuck around, had dinner, and then walked back upstairs to the release party. I might have had a Fulton beer had the line at the upstairs bar been shorter or had the hostess correctly informed me they were also serving it downstairs.

  21. Ben says:

    The opening was at 7pm, and the beer was available at 7pm. Do you get to a concert early and expect the band to start playing?

    My understanding is that the VIP event was for family and business partners. I am neither, and I’m smart enough to realize that they are more important than me, so I have nothing to complain about.

    I was there after 7pm, with the masses. I tried the IPA and really enjoyed it.
    While there, I talked to the brewers about their beer.

    And per the subject of this post, there will be chances for others to do the same at the Acadia and Stub & Herb’s.

    I’d encourage you to do so.

  22. Ben says:

    Please don’t confuse the Ben above with me.

  23. corey says:

    So, the scoop on the dreaded VIP, private party whatever you would like to call it. This was a Hohenstein launch party for Fulton Beer. The VIP time frame was set for our customers, business partners and Hohenstein’s employees @ Hohenstein’s so they could meet the brewery people before it turned into a mad house. Trust me, we were not expecting a crowd of that size. We went through 10 kegs last night alone. We greatly appreciated everyone’s enthusiastic support last night.
    I saw you there Scott & would have loved to have paid for a couple of beers for you, but when you came up I was talking to a customer and then lost track of you in the crowd. This is how we do every launch party. The Fulton guy’s were also there doing the interview with channel 9 at the VIP time too. The event was scheduled for 7pm. The sign said VIP to make sure that people waited until 7 before they came up. Many people show up early for these kind of things and we wanted to make sure our customers (bar owners, liquor stores) of whom many had to go back to work had a chance to meet the Fulton people before the maddness ensued.
    Those of you who know me, know I am very willing to buy you a beer and in no way would we or I EVER treat any of you like second class citizens.
    Now for how crazy it was? That’s because all of you show up in force for great events. That never goes unnoticed and to that I say Thank-you. Unfortunately you all came out at once last night.

    Corey Shovein
    Hohensteins Distributing

  24. ryan says:

    Corey I couldn’t make it but I’ll take you up on that beer, buddy.

  25. Walsh says:

    I found this website a few weeks ago. I saw the posting for a new beer release in St Paul and showed up at 7:15. Lucky me, the sign stated the VIP section was now open. No issues whatsoever getting a beer upstairs. Good time and good beer.
    Keep posting these events on this site so those of us that need work developing a better beer pallet get a chance.

  26. Lori says:

    I just wanted to say that we attended the Fulton event last night at Acadia and really enjoyed it. The guys were very friendly and informative, walking around talking to everyone there. Although I wouldn’t describe the beer as an IPA, it was definitely good and I hope they do well.

  27. david says:

    Well I didn’t make it on Wednesday but got over to Acadia on Thursday and I am so glad i did- the one on one attention from Jim and conversations with the other guys was great- felt like i really got to know the guys/vision/past etc. I enjoyed the beer- was a good balanced beer without the overpowering flavors kicking the heck out of your tongue. I would like the opportunity to sit down with these guys more- they say ordinary guys and they mean it…Thank you Fulton for a great beer- look forward to the next time we meet…

  28. Ryan Petz says:

    My name is Ryan Petz, and I’m one of the co-founders of Fulton. We’ve had a really exciting week, and we’re thrilled at the response we’ve been getting. We’d especially like to thank everyone at The Happy Gnome and Hohenstein’s for making our launch party a success. That said, I’d like to clarify a few things.

    As Corey stated, the VIP party was planned to give Hohenstein’s on and off-premise customers a chance to try the beer, before they had to return to work. It certainly was nobody’s intention to offend anyone, or to make ourselves feel important. Our tagline is “Ordinary guys brewing extraordinary beer,” and while not everyone agrees our beer is extraordinary, those that have met us unanimously agree that we are quite ordinary guys.

    One of the most exciting things about the beer business is meeting new and interesting people. At Wednesday’s event, each of the Fulton guys circulated through the bar until after 11:00. While we tried to talk to as many people as possible, it was pretty crowded and we know we didn’t get to everybody. We’ll have many more events in the future, and hope to have more opportunities to meet the Minnesota beer community.

    Finally, we value MNBeer and similar forums for discussion. We’re a new company, and we’re trying to learn as much as we can, so we’re happy to hear any compliments or criticism. However, we do ask that criticism is based in fact. None of the Fulton crew was even at the Happy Gnome before 5:00, nor were we ever seated at the bar downstairs at any point that night.

    If anyone has any feedback they think would be valuable to us, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. My personal email is I can also be reached through our website or Facebook page. Thanks again for all of your interest.

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