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Firkin Fest 2012

Every year it gets bigger, and this year will prove to be no exception. Tickets are on sale now for Firkin Fest at the Happy Gnome.   Click on thru to get yours now.  

Proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity, so come drink for a good cause.


  1. You mean every year it gets more expensive. Haven’t noticed the offerings expanding.

  2. ryan says:

    Looking back on old posts, they have added firkins each year, but yes, the price has risen as well. If I remember correctly, they’re scaling back the number of tickets a fair amount this year, so that probably accounts for some of the rise in ticket price.

  3. Michael says:

    Keep in mind that 100% of the ticket price is a donation to Habitat for humanity.
    I’m all for donating to a good causes and drinking good beer!

  4. esch says:

    I’ve got 4 tickets that I can’t use, looking for $45/ea. Anyone interested?

  5. Trav says:

    Professor Sudz, not everything is about pleasing you. They didn’t raise ticket prices in order to expand the offerings for you. Before you make cynical comments why don’t you read why they actually raised ticket prices. They raised them to alleviate the crowdedness of past Fests, and to help out Habitat For Humanity, who they are donating proceeds to.

  6. Right on Trav, enjoy your 2 dollar 1 ounce pours. I just hope ABR doesn’t see how much you guys are willing to pay and jack up their prices too.

  7. Pupil Sudz says:

    Helping Habitat for Humanity is a noble cause, Trav. So is keeping prices at a level that doesn’t inhibit less well-off people from being able to try new beers. Pretty soon the only people who will be able to afford Firkin Fest will be people pulling up in BMWs and Benz’s. I guess that’s the kind of crowd the Happy Gnome wants to be associated with, not us peons who turn wrenches for a living and don’t have the resources to fork over that kind of dough. Oh well, might as well buy the tickets -so long as the proceeds are going to HfH, maybe we can qualify for a HfH house after we find our own funds are “tapped” out. And how about providing more outhouses!! Now that’s a needed service -but I suppose that’s too self-serving of me for thinking that I have the right to NOT wait 15 minutes in line, squirming and crossing my legs so that I’m not “that guy” who wets himself?

  8. Duke says:

    Right on Suds, and fuck the Guild for charging $50.00 for Winterfest. Viva la revolution, $35.00 beer fests for the Plebs! Think about it, with the money I save by supporting more fairly priced festivals I can almost buy four cans of Abrasive.

  9. I heard Winterfest was a dud? Go follow the Surly truck around when they’re distributing Darkness. You’re a true craft beer lover

  10. Duke says:

    Dorkness? No no, I’m not a wealthy man. Anyway, who said anything about craft beer? Are you for the people or against them?

  11. Duke says:

    Wow, what a dud! I waited to use the bathroom for 30 seconds at one point! I desearve and expect better better. The valet didn’t even detail my Merc. Fuckers.

  12. ryan says:

    Okay guys. Grab a beer. Relax.

  13. evil nick says:

    Just want to say, Firkin Fest this year rocked. Only complaint would be how loud it was in the tent. Fast entry, great beers, huge tent, pleanty of port-a-potties, better entry to minimize the Gnome’s customers from dealing with us. Great event.

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