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Firkin Fest Awards

BeerAdvocate, CAP, posted the winners from last Saturday’s Firkin Fest on the BA Forum.  For those of you who aren’t BAs and who are interested, here is that list:

Dark Ales:
1- Tyranena Dirty Old Man Imperial Rye Porter
2- Bell’s Porter
3- Boulder Porter

IPA (Non-Imperial):
1- Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA
2- Lagunitas IPA
3- Surly Tea-bagged Furious

Imperial and Strong Ale:
1- Avery Maharaja
2- Bell’s Hop Slam
3- Dark Horse Plead the 5th Imperial Russian Stout

Session and Eclectic Beers:
1- Two Brothers Bitter End Pale Ale
2- Big Sky Dry Hopped Scape Goat Ale
3- Flat Earth Double Hopped Angry Planet

And the People’s Choice,
voted by attendees at the Firkin Fest:
Tied for 1st:
Bell’s Hop Slam
Lift Bridge Kimono Girl Saison
Tied for 2nd:
Lagunitas Olde Gnarlywine
Surly 16 Grit
Tied for 3rd:
New Belgium La Folie Love
Surly Tea-bagged Furious

Thanks again, Happy Gnome, for an impressive event.


  1. Scott McGerik says:

    I continue to be impressed with how good this event was. I’m glad I was there to enjoy it.

  2. Don Osborn says:

    Good times, much bigger and better than last year. Tons of great stuff to try and I’m glad I was able to split some samples with a friend. I know some of us were questioning the ticket system combined with the small sample size, but this post contains a satisfactory explanation. (little over half way down)

    Here are a few pics and a link to a short video:


  3. IPA Hound says:

    Yeah, great event.

    Some of the pours, however, were quite stingy.

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