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Firkin Friday at Grumpy’s

In the first of many moves that will officially supplant Ryan from his position of power at MNBeer, thus allowing a new regime to take over and reap the many rewards, I post the following:

This Friday, 12/18, Grumpy’s downtown location will be offering a Rush River Winter Warmer tea-bagged (in the non-pwned manner) with Cascade hops.  The tapping is at noon.

***Update***  Grumpy’s will not be doing any special tappings next Friday, 12/25, nor Friday, 1/1 as they’ll be closed due to the holidays.


  1. surlyboywonder says:

    ‘Pwned’? Really? Wow. As if being a beer geek wasn’t sad enough, you have to expose yourself as a gaming nerd on top of it?

  2. Mag says:

    lol, wtf? QQ a bit moar, why don’t you.

  3. David Berg says:

    >In the first of many moves that will officially supplant Ryan from his position of >power at MNBeer

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t having Mag in any position of power the first sign of the Apocalypse…

  4. Mag says:

    Hey, just ’cause I ride a white horse, wear a crown and weild a bow, doesn’t mean anything.

  5. Derek says:

    What time will said cask be tapped?

  6. Mag says:

    Finally, someone who cares more about the beer and less about being a detractor! Derek, I don’t know the answer (wasn’t provided), but I’ve made an inquiry and will update this if/when I find out.

  7. FlatEarth says:

    I think it means your a Disney-type fairy.

  8. Mag says:

    Derek – noon.

    Jeff, I said weild a bow, damnit, not wear a bow! That’s how rumors get started.

  9. David Berg says:

    Perhaps it was the creative spelling of wield that threw us off…

  10. Mag says:

    Curse you and the dictionary you rode in on Dave.

  11. Jason B says:

    Riding in with temerity to take over MnBeer? Just make sure to scream “LEEEEEEROY JENKINS!” whilst doing so.

  12. ryan says:

    Wait now… if I’m stepping aside, will you be taking the calls & emails from PR companies trying to push tomato basil martinis. I’m still trying to learn how to type with a kid in my lap on an hour of sleep.

    Television sucks at 4am btw.

  13. Mattm says:

    4am sounds like the perfect time for a MNbeer television show.

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