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Thanks to all of the well-wishers. Dawn and I extremely excited that baby MNBeer ( Laura) is finally here. We came home on Wednesday afternoon and I finally had a chance to kick back with a beer and it was good.

A little business – if you have any events and news that you’d normally send me, please send it to one of the other contributers this week. (eric AT, kris AT, mag AT… etc. You get the idea.) If I get it, I’ll forward it when I have a chance, but I won’t be nearly as close to my email this week… My Powerbook is nice, but I’d much rather have Laura in my lap right now! Cheers!

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  1. Matt T. says:

    Congrats on the baby.

    Now you need to actually hold a “Beer & Babies” event, which is what I, along with 3-5 other guys I know try to do at least once per month.

    Keeping kids from fighting and babies from crying is a lot more fun when drinking a home brew with your buddies.

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