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Fitger’s Brewhouse Signs 20-Year Lease

Fitger's BrewhouseToday, Fitger’s Brewhouse has announced that they’ve signed a 20-year lease with Fitger’s On the Lake. After nearly 20 years in the Fitger’s Brewery complex, it’s nice to hear that they’ll bee there for another 20 years! What could this mean for beer fans? An longer lease opens the door for the Brewhouse to invest in their location – just what we’d expect with an expected brewery expansion.

“With this lease in our back pockets, Fitger’s Brewhouse is ready to reinvest in our own equipment and facilities within the complex,” said Brewhouse Principle, Tim Nelson. “We can’t think of a better place to showcase the talent of our brewers and support staff than at Fitger’s, the historic brewery on Lake Superior. This is good news for Duluth’s craft brewing scene.”