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Friday 5ive: MNBeer Musicians

I’m coming off of a looooong Thursday and Friday setting up an event for my day gig, so we’ll keep this brief. My original intention was to throw together a craft beer supergroup, but I just wasn’t happy with how it was coming together, so instead, I give you music (past and present) from 5ive folks involved in the Minnesota craft beer world. There are quite a few options… here are a few… see what you think…

When Something Fails – Garth Blomberg. He played a graphic designer at Northern Brewer on TV.

Kruddler – Tony Zaccardi. Your favorite bartender from Grumpy’s NE.

Dillinger 4. Erik owns the Triple Rock Social Club, and there’s a good chance that Paddy and/or Billy has poured you a drink at Grumpy’s or the Triple Rock or Muddy Waters… or…

Powermad – Todd Haug. Have you ever seen the Surly brewmaster without a beard? Here’s your chance.

The Gleam – Ben Smith. Another Surly fellow, another music genre. Ben played drums with The Gleam.