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Bev-Craft Seeks to Improve Minnesota Beer

Tim Nelson and Dave Hoops left Fitger’s Brewhouse over a year ago with hopes of improving the quality of Minnesota beer by starting a consulting business called Bev-Craft. A “think tank” is what they like to call it. Dave Hoops who is the Director of Brewing Operations is excited to lend his experience to new breweries seeking to improve their beer. “Unless you’re someone like Sierra Nevada, you should always be trying to make better beer” says Hoops.

Dave and a team of cicerones tasted over a hundred beers (locally made) at the state fair and gave feedback, positive and negative to breweries around the state. The goal was to give honest advice to some of the breweries looking to improve their beer. “I’m overly opinionated” he said. “But I’m fair.” Dave also serves as a judge at the Great American Beer Festival which gives him a head up on most brewers (in my book) here in Minnesota.

Tim Nelson acts as CEO while Dave Hoops heads up the brewing operations. Brad Nelson (Tim’s brother) is in charge of the branding while Paul Christensen is responsible for sales. “Basically we’re here to help breweries start up. We’re also specialized consultants. That doesn’t mean that I’m approaching them. People that have a question, we’re there to help” says Hoops.

In an overcrowded local market, this can only be a good thing. Especially with all of the sub-par beer being produced by the newer breweries. My advice to new breweries looking to open….don’t serve your beer until it’s ready.

Quality should always come first. And if you need help, reach out to the professionals.


Fitger’s Brewhouse Signs 20-Year Lease

Fitger's BrewhouseToday, Fitger’s Brewhouse has announced that they’ve signed a 20-year lease with Fitger’s On the Lake. After nearly 20 years in the Fitger’s Brewery complex, it’s nice to hear that they’ll bee there for another 20 years! What could this mean for beer fans? An longer lease opens the door for the Brewhouse to invest in their location – just what we’d expect with an expected brewery expansion.

“With this lease in our back pockets, Fitger’s Brewhouse is ready to reinvest in our own equipment and facilities within the complex,” said Brewhouse Principle, Tim Nelson. “We can’t think of a better place to showcase the talent of our brewers and support staff than at Fitger’s, the historic brewery on Lake Superior. This is good news for Duluth’s craft brewing scene.”




Wit Wedding at Fitger’s Brewhouse & Tycoons

witweddingThis is pretty rad. The brewers at Fitger’s Brewhouse devised a special edition beer for owner Tim Nelson’s wedding. The beer is a white IPA, aptly called “Wit Wedding.” It clocks in at 5.7% abv and is said to be a medium-bodies spicy, citrusy, hoppy beast with notes of wheat and Belgian yeast esters.

Cartoonist Chris Monroe created a take on American Gothic as the artwork for the beer. Check it out. The beer is on tap right now at the Brewhouse and Tycoons and should be on tap at Burrito Union as well in short order.

Congrats Tim!

Senator Klobuchar Talks Beer in Duluth

duluthThis Friday, July 5, at 10am, Senator Amy Klobuchar will visit Duluth and spend an hour at the Fitger’s courtyard discussing the importance of Duluth’s brewing industry.

In addition to Senator Klobuchar, Mayor Don Ness, Tim Nelson of Fitger’s, Terry Mattson of Visit Duluth, and David Ross from the Chamber of Commerce will briefly speak on the subject. There will be 20 minutes for questions afterwards.

This is free and open to the public.




                                        10:00                                     Senator Klobuchar arrives

                                        10:00 to 10:10                    Tour Fitger’s

                                        10:10 to 10:15                     Mayor Don Ness Welcomes, introduces Senator Klobuchar

                                        10:15 to 10:25                     Senator Klobuchar speak, introduce speakers

                                        10:25 to 10:30                    Tim Nelson speaks

                                        10:30 to 10:35                    Terry Mattson from Visit Duluth speaks about the importance of the brewing industry to tourism

                                        10:35 to 10:40                    David Ross from Chamber speaks about the importance of the brewing industry to Duluth’s economy

                                        10:40 to 11:00                    Press QA

                                        11:00                                      Senator Klobuchar departs