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Fitger’s Brewhouse Update

Did you catch the Fitger’s Brewhouse crew on The Brewing Network Sunday Session? If not, click here to give it a listen.

Below you’ll find upcoming beers at the Fitger’s Brewhouse, Burrito Union and Tycoons Alehouses. Man, I need to head back to Duluth…

Pouring soon @ the Brewhouse
Joe Logger Vienna Coffee Lager
Brewhouse Brown
Woodford Barrel-aged Ol’ Redbeard BarleyWine (2009 edition)

Cask Conditioned Ales
Starfire Pale Ale
Brewhouse Brown

Pouring soon @ Burrito Union
Duluth Black Ale

Pouring soon @ Tycoons Alehouse
Joe Logger Vienna Coffee Lager
Tugboat Irish Stout

Pouring soon @ the Rathskeller
Victory Prima Pils
21st Amendment Bitter American
Schneider Weisse
Schlenkerla Smoked Pils
Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye
Alaskan Black IPA
New Belgian Dig Pale Ale


  1. larry says:

    Spent last week in Duluth and visited all three places. Good brews, good food (Tycoons), good crowds. Surprised by the number of brewpubs in town that had many diverse brews for everyones tastes.


    when i was a kid my parents used to come to the brewery tosample your beer and i was given root beer to drink. my grandmother chose my middle name to be fitgers.
    my wife’s name is pat. pat spelled backwards is tap.. she signs her name as

    i still have a beer mug,and a coffee mug and a beer pitcher that they gave me. the brewery gave me 2 cases of beer when i graduated from BSU. i would love a fitgers beer sign. are there any available. yes i get teased about my name but it’s mostly all in fun.

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