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Flat Earth Porterfest Starts

Welcome to November! Did everyone get their fill of candy and scares last night?

As we put the first eating holiday of the season behind us and look forward to the next two months of food, family, and friends, don’t forget to bring along some special beers wherever and whenever you are celebrating.

To help you out Flat Earth brings back Porterfest! Eight weeks of special beers, starting off this week with Presto – Tripleberry infused Cygnus.

Week 2 – Xanadu – Orange infused Cygnus
Week 3 – Bravado – Cherry-Chocolate infused Cygnus
Week 4 – The Trees – Hazelnut infused Cygnus
Weeks 5 – 8 – TBA


  1. Sigrid Lindholm says:

    Where do we get these beers? Are they only available at the brewery?


  2. Flat Earth says:

    Brewery only, another great reason to stop in and see us. We have sales noon to 630 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday noon to 3.

  3. wayne says:

    Are these bottle or growler sales?
    What is the cost?

  4. Flat Earth says:

    Growlers only, $13 each.

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