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Flat Earth Summer Update

A scavenger hunt, growlers, brewery tours and beer festivals…

Greetings True Believers,

It’s time to grab you secret decoder rings and your dark sunglasses. The Flat Earth Summer Scavenger Hunt begins this weekend. Missions are already posted and in effect. Go to to sign up and get your first mission briefing.

Summer growlers are in full swing! We will have Hep Cat Blond Ale growlers available today. This light and refreshing ale is just perfect for the hot summer weather when it arrives. We also have Extra Medium growlers available. Our American Wild Ale has hints of raspberry, cherry and green apple tartness.

Upcoming events include The Saint Paul Summer Beer Festival tomorrow at The State Fairgrounds. There is still room on the July 9th brewery tour, email for reservations. Tickets remain available for The Highland Festival Beer Dabbler event.


Flat Earth Brewing Company

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