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Flat Earth Tasting at Four Firkins

Has is been a while since you’ve had some Flat Earth brews? Do you live on the western side of the metro and getting over to the brewery isn’t the easiest of drives? Do you need a reason to enjoy some fine beer on a Monday night?

For all of your above needs and more, head on over to The Four Firkins tonight for a free sampling event brought to you by Jeff Williamson, head brewer and co-founder of Flat Earth.


  1. FlatEarth says:

    We’ll be sampling Belgian Pale Ale, Angry Planet and Element 115.

  2. ryan says:

    I’ll stop by if I get a chance!

  3. Greg says:

    Any chance I could bribe one of the Flat Earth crew to bring me a growler of your IPA (and save me a drive tomorrow :D)

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