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Flat Earth & Lift Bridge Tasting at Stub & Herbs

Thanks to the great wonder of this innerweb thingie, instead of going to Stub & Herb’s website to read about their Brewery of the Month Tasting of Lift Bridge and Flat Earth’s beer and instead of going to Lift Bridge’s website to read about the same, you can go to MNBeer and read it second hand!  Yay!  Why do we call it a beer tasting, by the way?  I’m gonna drink the hell out of it.  Anyway, Wed., 1/28, 7-10 PM @ Stub & Herb’s…be there or be square.


  1. SPB says:

    Isn’t Flat Earth going to be there too?

  2. They are participating in the tasting also!

  3. Mag says:


  4. I just posted our beer line up on our blog:

    Farm Girl Saison™ – On Draft
    Lift Bridge Pale Ale™ – On Draft
    Biscotti™ – On Draft
    Lift Bridge Double-hopped Pale Ale – On Cask

    Hope to see you there.

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