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Founder’s Release Party (Finally)

A little news from Hohenstein’s:
Head down to Stub and Herb’s at 5pm on May 20th for the release party of Founder’s in Minnesota. They’ll have the following on tap: Reds Rye IPA, Centenial IPA, Dirty Bastard Scottish Ale, Silky Porter, Cerise Cherry Ale, Curmudgen Old Ale and at 7pm they will be tapping a 5 gallon keg of something special. That will not last long!


  1. eek! says:

    Hellz yeah!!! Bottles around the same time?

  2. Trav says:

    I really like the Reds Rye, very similar to SurlyFest

  3. IPA Hound says:

    The only similarity between Red’s Rye and SurlyFest is that both beers contain rye.

    Taste them side by side once.

  4. DoubleBast says:

    You Bet.

  5. Trav says:

    IPA Hound-I have, hence my comment.

  6. IPA Hound says:

    Really? Red’s is an ale, isn’t it? SurlyFest is a lager.

    To my palate Red’s has more body and malt sweetness with citrusy resiny hops, while the Fest is clean, crips, and dry with some rye spice and no citrus character.

    I don’t find them alike at all.

  7. Ben says:

    I don’t think SurlyFest and Red’s are the same at all. Lager vs Ale and a lot more differences.

  8. Trav says:

    Doh! My pallate wrongs me again!

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