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Free Beer for Life?!

Sounds too good to be true but that is just one scenario if you become an investor in Smokehouse Brewpub. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jamie Robinson and Amy Johnson, two of the three owner/manager team of what they are hoping to become a successful restaurant/brewpub in the Standish neighborhood of south Minneapolis.

The Brewmaster and his Beer
Jamie started homebrewing in 2001, developing a quick passion for the art of brewing. During this past year he has been brewing at Town Hall Brewery. Jamie’s brewing philosophy is to use the characteristics of people’s “favorite beers” and then apply them to new styles. He wants to use the classic hops Centennial, Cascade, and Columbus in his brewing, loving the herbal quality these hops bring to beer.

Community-Supported Pub
While putting together a business plan the group decided to try an unconventional approach for financing a portion of the costs associated with opening a restaurant/brewpub. While the majority of their financing is coming from a combination of loans, their own personal investments, and support from the building owner, the partners have a desire for a “community-supported pub”. Think CSA but for beer instead of produce. There are multiple levels of support, starting with free beer for life with a $1000.00 investment, that can fit many small investors and community members. The partners plan on completing the community support portion of this project by the end of September. If you are interested in supporting a local brewpub act quickly as this opportunity will not be available for long.


  1. Trav says:

    Not really free when you have to pay a grand to get it. Still a decent outside the box idea

  2. Kris says:

    I’m pretty sure I could drink well over $1,000 in beer in the remainder of my life.

  3. Mag says:

    …remainder of the year is more like.

  4. Trav, its true that its “not really free”. But look at it this way… Its an investment in a community asset from members of the community who want a brewpub in this area. If we raise the money, everybody gets a brewpub. And the ones who helped get free beer. This is a true grassroots effort.

  5. Trav says:

    I concur. If I lived within walking distance i would be all about paying 1k for beer for life.

  6. md.zeke says:

    let me know the conditions for a 1k investment…not from the sids but willing to invest!!!

  7. md.zeke says:

    also would be looking at a bigger investment depending on return/costs

  8. Amy Johnson says:

    Check out the website md.zeke – when you are there send an email request form and we will give you all the deets.

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