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Fulton Beer Infusion Dinner @ Sapor

Join the owners of Sapor and their neighborhood brewery Fulton for a 3-course dinner with beer pairings.

Start in the Bar at 6:30pm for the first Fulton beer and a bite, with dinner at 7:00pm in the Cafe.

Each course features a sampling of two Fulton Beers, one originally brewed and the other infused.

$55/person, make your reservations by calling 612-375-1971.

1st Course
Black Bean Tamal with Arugula and Lonely Blonde-Chipotle Vinaigrette
Lonely Blonde Ale with Grapefruit Infusion

2nd Course
Chicken with Poblano-Worthy Adversary Stout Mole
Worthy Adversary Stout with 100% Cacao Infusion

3rd Course
Tropical Fruit Semifreddo
Sweet Child of Vine IPA with Cascade Hops-Orange Peel Infusion


  1. Nick says:

    How about the food menu?

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