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Local Homebrewers Rejoice: Summit Moves to Pry-Offs

So in case you’ve had enough legislation for the week, here’s something different… Summit Brewing Co. is moving to pry-off caps next week. Though I haven’t bottled much homebrew in the past five years, I’ve always thought that Summit bottles would be nice vessels for homebrew. Unfortunately my first batch of homebrew was bottled returnables from Old Milwaukee and Leinenkugel’s. And yes, I drank the beer. With a little help, thank God.

“It’s time to give our customers what they really want—an easier way to get inside our bottles,” said Mark Strutrud, CEO and Founder of Summit Brewing Company. “We’ve received an increasing number of comments over the last year or so about how difficult it is to twist off our bottle caps, and we’re not joking when we say we’ve felt our customers’ pain.”

Amen. I hate twist-offs.


  1. Champs says:

    I thought this kind of bottlecap would be pretty awesome.

  2. DonO says:

    Hey Ryan, I saw your picture with Dave Berg in the new BYO magazine. Pretty cool. 🙂

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