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GABF winners

Congratulations to Summit and Town Hall for taking home medals at the 2008 Great American Beer Fest! Town Hall won gold in the “Herb and Spice or Chocolate Beer” category with their Russian Roulette, and silver in the “Specialty Honey Beer” category for their Eye of the Storm. Summit took bronze in the “Classic English-Stle Pale Ale” category with their EPA.

Full listing of results can be found here.

Thanks to Don for the quick sleuthing….


  1. mnbeerbabe says:

    Congrats Mike, Josh and Adam from Town Hall!!!!!!

  2. al says:


    Now how is it that they won a medal for a beer I haven’t tried yet, dammnit?

  3. Duke says:

    Thats two years in row for Summit isnt it? That EPA is a solid beer. Congradulations to both Summit and Town Hall!

  4. Jeff says:

    Correct Mr. Duke, Summit EPA is a solid beer that brings home medals.
    As does Town Hall.

    Cheers to Minnesota beers!

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