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Lagunitas Launch Parties

Corey sent us the scoop, so we thought we’d share. Mark your calendars! The first event will take place on Wed., Oct. 22nd at 6:00pm at The Muddy Pig. You’ll be able to enjoy their IPA, Olde Gnarley Wine (just for this event), Hop Stoopid (again, just for this event), Cappuccino Stout (just for this event), Imperial Red (just…), Maximus (bombers) and Pale Ale (bottles). Ron Lindenbush from Lagunitas will be at both events…

Of you can’t make that event, or didn’t get your fill on Wednesday, head over to Buster’s on 28th on Thursday Oct. 23rd at 6:00pm. They’ll be pouring IPA, Pile (this event only), Pale Ale (this event…), Censored Ale (this…), Sonoma Farmouse Ale (th…) and bombers/bottles of Maximus, Imperial Red and Cappuccino Stout.


  1. Eric says:

    Ahhhhhh……for over three years we’ve been hearing, “Lagunitas is coming back.” Finally!

  2. DoubleBast says:

    Good news. Will they be selling bottles off sale?

  3. Bill says:

    To Doublebast
    Soon, very soon.

  4. corey says:

    Bottles of IPA, Pale, Maximus, Cappuccino Stout, Imperial Red to start. Sould be in stores starting next week.

  5. Duke says:

    How about the Sonoma Farmhouse stuff? I cant wait to try the Hop Stoopid. Probably the best IPA name ever!

  6. Ben says:

    Duke: I think Hoptimus Prime might have it beat just by a nose. There are lots of other great ones too.

  7. ryan says:

    Had a very good time last night at Buster’s. Lots of good people in attendance. I think the pale is my favorite, though I enjoyed all of their beers.

  8. Meredith says:

    Nice one – added to my reader

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