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  1. Casey says:

    I’ve got a batch brewing at my house right now.

  2. Idris_Arslanian says:

    I love the stuff, I brew 20-30 gallons of it toward the end of the winter so I can have it when the weather warms up. I hope to brew it year-round once I get my brew room insulated/cooled. Getting it to clear up properly can be an issue, though.

  3. Sean says:

    I’m getting verklempt just thinking about it.

  4. ForbiddenDonut says:

    I love Kolsch, but it’s hard to find on tap around the city; and when you do it’s usually expensive for a session beer. If you buy it as an imported bottle, you’re also paying the same price as you would for other good German imports. I haven’t tried brewing it yet, I usually stick to brewing wheat beers for summer. Maybe once I get a kegging set-up finished, and can filter it, I’ll brew a bunch of it for the summer. As the above poster mentions, it’s tough to clear it properly.

  5. chad says:

    The Herk has one on tap right now. Good deal during happy hour, too!

  6. Jimmy says:

    I love the stuff, I never know how to describe it to people when they ask what it tastes like though.

    I started enjoying it when I tried it in Köln, and I drink imported stuff every now and again, but I haven’t really found one brewed in the U.S. that tastes as good as the stuff I had in Germany.

  7. Peter says:

    pronounced “kelsh”

    ….correct or incorrect?

  8. Chemgeek says:

    I have a “Kölsch” on tap in my basement right now. It isn’t clear, but rather yummy. A nice tall glass after mowing the lawn is awesome.

  9. David Berg says:

    As opposed to “French-Style Kolsch?”

  10. ryan says:

    It wasn’t my wording. 🙂

  11. Ben says:

    Didn’t Rock Bottom use to make Hoochie Koochie Kolsch? I recall it being pretty good stuff.

  12. FlatEarth says:

    The first beer I made as a home brewer, look where that got me.

  13. surlybrewer says:

    I only like the German Kolsch bier,not that French style.

  14. David Berg says:

    I had a Canadian Style Kolsch once; went well with a Canadian Style Bacon Pizza.

    Just in case anyone else is lost, Kolsch is an appellation–it has to be brewed in Koln, Germany. Thus, you could have a Kolsch-style beer. Think of it like Champagne.

    Ryan-are you going to spill the beans, or shall we just assume you were searching TTB label approvals…

  15. Charlie Marks says:

    *cough* Summit *cough*

  16. ryan says:

    *cough* just waiting for a certain marketing person to give me complete details… *cough*

  17. ryan says:

    …er she did… see new post soon…

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