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The return of Ommegang and Rodenbach, and New Belgium chooses a distributor.

The beers of Ommegang and Rodenbach (Classic and Grand Cru) are now available again in Minnesota thanks to Hohensteins Dist. and Duvel USA. Both will be be available in bottles as well as on draft at your regular quality retailers. Yum.
Also, it appears that New Belgium has curiously chosen JJ Taylor / East Side Dist. (Miller) to bring in it’s 22oz bombers of Fat Tire. Doesn’t appear that any of their other labels will be here, at least in the beginning.



  1. beachscrat says:

    That’s some good news!

    …..well the first paragraph is anyway. If I wanted to drink a fat tire I’d just drink the last runnings out of my mash tun.

  2. HawkEye19 says:

    At least New Belgium is starting a slow roll out here. Now if they’d just bring out their other, better brews….

  3. beachscrat says:

    Exactly! Hopefully all the sales from the college kids drinking the garbage will get the good stuff to come our way.

  4. Drew says:

    At least we’re going to start getting Ommegang. I’m an all-day sucker for Rare Vos and their eponymous beer.

  5. Eric says:

    I just finished a 6er of New Belgium Triple a friend of mine picked up for me in CO. Yummy!

  6. al says:

    Only Hennepin and Rodenbach regular are available in kegs right now.

    The Blue Nile has a keg of Rodenbach….waiting for a keg of Koeningshoeven to kick!

  7. David Van Cleve says:

    Fantastic news regarding Ommegang. And as far as NBB is concerned, I knew the writing was on the wall after I heard that another Miller house was chosen for distribution South of the Twin Cities.

  8. al says:

    why would a “Miller House” be the best distributor for NBB, rather than a company with more expertise and experience in handling craft beer, giving them the attention they deserve and need…?

    that was NBBs decision, though, lord love ’em…

  9. beachscrat says:

    Had my first Rodenbach EVER on Friday at The G-nome. Man that stuff is good! Fantastic sour bittersweet malt kissed with some nice old brett with a touch of oak….so good I went back there on Saturday to have some more!

  10. TruthBrew says:

    beachscrat … Make sure you let your Rodenbach warm up substantially… the stuff is way better after it get’s into the 50’s. And the Grand Cru is much better IMO… regular is nice, but pretty straight forward. Also, the Gnome has a keg of Duchesse de Bourgogne ready to tap as well.


  11. beachscrat says:

    Thanks truthbrew….yeah it was coming out of the tap pretty frosty. As difficult as it was to be patient, I did let it warm up a bit. Mmm yummy. Definitely gonna have to get the Grand Cru,

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