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Gluek is once again Cold Spring Brewery

History repeats itself. Sort of… After about a ten year hiatus, Cold Spring Brewery is back. Gluek beer is still being produced, but the company has decided to change its name to Cold Spring Brewery Chairman to “reflects the company’s strong connection to the Cold Spring, Minnesota, community and the company’s new line of craft beers.” according to CEO John Lenore. (Star Tribune). The new Cold Spring beers are to be released today as well, including Cold Spring Pale Ale, Moonlight Ale (half porter, half bock),  Ebony Wheat and Honey Almond Weiss.

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  1. Jeremy Fowls says:

    Just doing some research on a drink I had several years ago and it looks like you guys brewed it. I am looking for the energy drink HARD-E can you tell me if it is still being made and if so where can it be bought.
    Thank You,
    Jeremy in OHIO

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