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Summit Oatmeal Stout…cans

SummitHere’s a new one for Minnesota, a locally-produced beer in cans with widgets. The beer, set for a fall release, will bring the much-loved Summit Oatmeal Stout from the tap to your refrigerator. I’m told that the test-cans are working quite well and hold up nicely side-by-side compared to the nitro-pushed version. I’m begging for samples, but I suspect I’ll be waiting. This sort of explains why the Oatmeal Stout glasses they’re selling at the brewery are so big. A release party at Summit is slated for September.

And if you believe that… gotcha’! April fools! Unless, of course, I’m wrong and Summit is working on this…


  1. Nathan says:

    You bastard!

  2. Nathan says:

    You got me, AND the coworker I told before hitting (read more).

  3. zeller says:

    Damn you! I was all excited.

  4. ryan says:

    Well the part about the glassware being larger is true, anyway. April Fool’s!

  5. Ben says:

    How about Surly’s new announcement on their website?

  6. ryan says:

    Oh yeah. Bitter Brewer in cans. No fancy device for making a creamy head…

  7. Ben says:

    No, not that announcement. Did you check the site?

  8. ryan says:

    I know. I’m attempting to be a smart-ass…

  9. Ben says:

    Why isn’t it posted already then? Thought MNBeer was suppose to have news from local MN breweries? 😉

  10. ryan says:

    Ugh. I though we alluded to that already, but now I can’t find it.

    Damn them if they can’t read the comments…

  11. Pitmonkey says:

    AB tapping into Surly’s hype machine. hehe. Good stuff.


  12. Carey says:

    Okay-I work for Summit and I was like, what?!. Pure evil.

  13. ryan says:

    This was a good April Fool’s Day trick… almost as good as the one we pulled two years ago:

    In what many have seen as a surprise move, local bicycle makers, Surly (Bikes) have issued a cease and decist order to local beer makers, Surly (Brewing) with charges of Trademark infringement over the name Surly. This came as quite a surprise to me… I thought there was mutual respect between the two companies, though apparently all is not fair with regards to love, bikes, beers and war. will be starting a legal defense fund for Surly Brewing. You can send your cash, your credit cards, beer collections 55# sacks of grain to:
    Aprilfool’s Division
    2839 Dumbjoke Street
    Ihadto, MN 55426

  14. Ben says:

    Ya gotta go with something that doesn’t have legal holes next year.

    The Surly one wouldn’t work as trademarks do not infringe one another if the underlying products or services of the two companies do not compete and are not distributed in the same trade channels (think Apple Records and Apple Computers, well that is until iTunes came along).

    With this years joke, Guinness owns British patent #1266351 on the can widget.

  15. Scott says:

    I can dream right?

  16. Owen King says:

    this is a sick joke I

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