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Great Waters Update

Great Waters will have some new beers this week, as well as some new toys. Read on friends:

This is a wheat ale. I used crystallized ginger and lemon grass to give this brew a unique flavor. Unfiltered and lightly hopped to allow the spice profile to come through. Medium bodied, deep golden color, and hazy.

This is a seasonal brew using a strain of trappist ale yeast. There are only 6 Trappist order breweries left in  the world. The flavor in this abbey ale has hints of raisin, caramelized sugar, and star anise. Dark and full bodied. Little hop profile. More malt, toffee and plum/raisin aromas.

We’re beginning our expansion. I hope to see the first beers from the new fermenters before Christmas. It is very exciting to be able to offer all our regular beers along with more specialty beers. Stay tuned for a new release party.