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Huzzah – Website Updates

We’d previously made mention that Great Waters’ website was given a facelift (well, a complete overhaul actually), thanks to Jeff. Now it appears as though the beer list is being updated with some regularity. Huzzah!!!

Those of you on Brau Bros. e-mail distribution also saw a note from Dustin promising that their site redevelopment was moving along. Huzzah!!!

And Al, how long has Blue Nile been doing the Google slide-show on beer? No matter…Huzzah!!!

Edit: Oh yeah, I fixed our link to The Herkimer from our Brewpubs tab too! Huzzah!!!

Not a “meaty” post, but at least it was enthusiastic. Huzzah!!!


  1. al says:

    It’s been many months we’ve been doing the Google slide show…and I’ve been doing it myself, and have slipped…but I’ll have it all updated soon.

  2. al says:

    it’s updated…and I’ll probably have to make a few more updates soon, what with S. Tier Gemini and Moylan’s Double Kilt-Lifter almost out!

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