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Happy Gnome Firkin Fest

TruthBrew wrote this and I’m too lazy to re-edit it and pretend I wrote is, so…

Fantastic news for lovers of quality beer and especially those who love cask/real ale. On Sunday March 16th, The Happy Gnome will be hosting their first annual Firkin Fest (name not final).

This fest will be outdoors in an enormous tent featuring over 26 breweries and 50 cask beers (as of writing), with both domestic craft and import beers featured. It will be the largest cask beer festival in the midwest since the fantastic and now defunct Real Ale Festival was held in Chicago.

Update: the event will start at noon and run until the casks are empty.

More information will be coming this weekend…. stay posted on Twin Cities Imbiber or for more details.


  1. mag says:

    Hot damn!!!

  2. Don says:

    Looks cool. I look forward to more info.

  3. shane says:

    yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaawww bring it in!

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