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Trippel Trouble on tap tomorrow at McCann’s

McCann’sI’ll be enjoying this one at Winterfest tomorrow evening, but for those of you who aren’t going, perhaps a visit to St. Cloud is in order?

Belgian Monastery breweries have been making the worlds most interesting beers for many years. Many of these beers are only available inside the monastery walls only for the monks enjoyment. Beers of high strength are brewed to sustain the monks during their fasts. Our Abbey style Trippel is one such beer. Trippel means that it’s three times the strength of a regular beer. Brewed with over 900 pounds of the highest quality Belgian malts and candi sugar. Belgian candi sugar looks like “rock candy” and contributes a “rummy” flavor to the beer. A Belgian monastery ale yeast gives this beer a fruity/spicy complexity while maintaining drinkability despite it’s strength. Hints of honey, carmel, apricot and a subtle spicyness are experienced in it’s flavor. This beer is served unfiltered and pours a tawny gold. A strong, wonderful beer for cold winter evenings.
1.082 O.G.


  1. skypilot says:

    Looking forward to this one!

  2. mag says:

    There have been rumors circulating about a car load of folks heading up to St. Cloud on Saturday. If this occurs, the “car load” will try to snap some pics and take some notes…of the brew-pub and beer, that is.

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