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Harriet Dark Abbey Release, Tap Room Opening

Stop by the new Harriet Brewing tap room this Saturday afternoon for your first chance to pick up a growler of their Dark Abbey.

It’s been featured on our homepage for weeks… Now come taste our newest release!

· Dark Abbey pricing – Refills ($14) & New Fills ($14 + $5 deposit on growler). A growler is 64oz of beer.

· Also on tap is our West Side Belgian-Style IPA ($12) & new fills ($12 + $5 deposit).

· City law allows only Harriet Brewing growlers to be filled on the premises. Sorry, we can’t fill other folks’ growlers.

We are also happy to announce the opening of Harriet’s Tasting Room this Saturday!

Enter through the front door from this Saturday onwards.


Growler sales of current beers continue each Wed & Fri from 4-7pm including this Fri, Feb 25. NOTE: enter through the back door this Fri. After this Fri, our Tasting Room will be open, and you can enter through the front door right on Minnehaha Ave.


Parking is available in our own lot located on the south side of the Harriet Brewing building.

Beer Notes:

Harriet’s Dark Abbey is our tribute to the classic Belgian Dubbel. It pours brown with a persistent off-white head. Hints of chocolate and toast accent the beer’s malt-forward character. Fruity esters resembling raisins and other dried fruit are present, along with subtle spicy qualities. Medium bodied, effervescent, dry finish… remarkably drinkable.


water, barley, candi, hops, yeast

ABV ~ 7%

IBU ~ 20

O.G. ~ 16.5

T.G. ~ 3

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