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HopSlam at Midnight in Mpls./St. Paul

I love the smell of napa…er hops in the morning! at 11:59 on Sunday, January 10th the following bars will be releasing Bell’s HopSlam. (And to be honest, I’d call 11:59 on Sunday “night” but that screws up the Apocalypse Now nod entirely…

Acadia Cafe
Blue Nile
Bryant Lake Bowl
All Bulldog locations
Buster’s on 28th
Grumpy’s NE and Downtown
Happy Gnome
Mac’s Industrial
Triple Rock


  1. ibeyou says:

    Yikes. It will not be easy getting to all 12 of these between midnight & 2AM.

  2. ryan says:

    You can do it! You can do it!!!

  3. al says:

    At Blue Nile, I’m extending our usual happy hour until midnight, and the HopSlam will be poured in take-home Bell’s pint glasses.

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