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Win Beer Dabbler Tickets

Wanna’ win a pair of tickets to the Beer Dabbler Showcase at the St. Paul Winter Carnival? Send us your best “winter beer photo by 3:00pm Friday, January 15th and we’ll pick a winner!

Rules? Sure. Send ONE photo to ryan AT One. Only one. Not two. Not four. Include your mailing address, so we know where to send the tickets. The winner will be announced after January 15th. We’ll pick the winning photo and share it on

Hints? Well the site is… so the Corona you’re painfully sucking down in Jamaica in January probably won’t be our top pick. It’s Minnesota… we have a lot of great local breweries and brewpubs… be creative.

Photo/graphics savvy? Ideally, we’d love it if the photo were saved as a jpg 500 pixels wide and saved at 72 dpi. If not, we can deal.


  1. David Berg says:

    Corona in Jamaica?

  2. Kris says:

    More likely Red Stripe. Not sure which is less palatable.

  3. ryan says:

    Yeah why not… if you’re going to drink a bland beer on a warm vacation destination, do you really care whether you’re drinking a bland Jamaican lager or a bland Mexican lager?

  4. David Berg says:

    Oh, I don’t really care. Just seemed an odd combo, almost like mixing metaphors!

  5. Beer says:

    Is it beer 30, yet? I’m ready to crack open a nice bottle of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale!

  6. beckel says:

    Ryan: Not that it really matters, but FYI the ever so original poster going by the alias “Beer” above is a spammer. Hit my blog with the same comment about an hour after yours, not to mention his link is pretty bogus.

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