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Junkyard Brewery Taproom Kickstarter – Final Days

Confession: I have a soft spot in my heart for the Fargo-Moorhead area in my heart. As a kid, my parents transplanted us to lakes country – Fergus Falls, more specifically. The FM area was “the big city” in our area, and I cut my teeth in those two cities… checking out bands, girls, college and my first sips of craft beer. So when I saw the the fine fellas’ from Junkyard Brewery were running a Kickstarter project to help with their new brewery, I thought I’d pitch in. If you’re someone who’s willing to throw some cash at a Kickstarter project and someone who supports Minnesota-made beer, check this out.

As I write this, they have 6 days left to raise about $1700. If it’s your sort of thing, how about extending a little “Minnesota Nice” to Moorhead?