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Kill the Keg Tonight at Stub & Herb’s

Stop by Stub & Herb’s tonight for “Kill the Keg.” $5 gets you all you can drink until the keg of Dark Horse Boffo Brown runs dry. On deck for next week: Dark Horse Perculator Dopplebock on the same deal.


  1. Trav says:

    “Call in sick Friday” would have to be sure to follow this event.

  2. Deer Brand says:

    Nothing says “Respect beer” like kill the keg.

  3. Jonny says:

    @ Deer Brand

    Did MNBeer suddenly become BeerAdvocate overnight? : )

    I recall several $10 All You Can Drink night’s at Stub’s, and not all of us there on those occasions were guzzling and twirling, so yeah, it’s still possible to respect individual brands and your own body weight limitations while others around you are not doing so. You just have to resist temptation and/or the prevailing atmosphere.


  4. al says:

    Jon, you need to change the name to: “Cherish the Keg (that needs to die!){

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