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Lost Twin Cities II

…is on TPT2 right now. There’s a small section on the Hamm’s Brewery and mansion in this documentary. Beer and brewing is but a small part of the show, but it’s pretty interesting to local history nerds like myself.

Did you miss it? Fear not, you can borrow a tape from the Hennepin County library system.

Edit: It’s been a while since I’ve seen this, and I’d forgotten that Hamm’s kept deer and peacocks on the grounds. That makes at least two breweries in MN with deer and peacocks, with the second being Schell’s. When are we going to see the Surly deer and peacocks?


  1. surlybrewer says:

    Surly Goats ! \m/

  2. al says:

    yeah, goats are definitely more a Surly animal than peacocks or deer!
    Throw in a wild boar and some cougar while we’re at it.

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