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Herkimer Hiring Headbrewer

Love brewing lagers? This might just be for you then. Oh, you should be good at it too.

The Herkimer Pub and Brewery, a well-established, financially stable Brewpub in the thriving Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, is looking for a Head Brewer. The current Brewer is leaving in February for another opportunity; however, we would like to hire immediately to minimize baton-passing issues. We produce approximately 900 bbls per annum on a 10 hl Beraplan brewhouse (3 vessel system). We specialize in German-style products and have won GABF gold medals for our Kellerbier and Alt; the ideal candidate will have the abilities and desire to expand on this tradition. This is a hands-on processing situation – the brewery is on two levels, so one must be able to climb stairs carrying 55 lb sacks of grain. Mechanical abilities would be a plus, as would experience in lager brewing and brewing and/or science education. Pay and benefits are competetive.
This is a stable job in a fun urban environment, hours are flexible within reason and we plan to add tankage and bring on an assistant in the near future. Please apply by sending resume, references and cover letter to


  1. fantome says:

    Any idea where the current brewer is heading?

  2. surlybrewer says:

    I spoke with Dave during DarknessDay and he told me he’s going to be traveling/working in Europe.Mainly in Germany where he will be working at a brewery!Can’t remember which one or where tho’

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