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Maibock Release at Town Hall

Saturday is Cinco de Mayo, great for lager lovers, and the Kentucky Derby, great for mint julep lovers, but it’s also a great day for Maibock lovers at Town Hall.

This Saturday marks the annual release of the Maibock. What does this mean you may ask? Well, deep in the cold months of winter we brew this fine German style lager……the Blonde Bock. Our annual release has grown to signify the start of summer for Town Hall Brewery, and it has become kind of a customer appreciation day for us. We invite you to come to Town Hall Brewery and annual our traditional Blessing of the Bock. We have a man of the cloth come and bless your beer and we at THB extend complimentary Maibock to you from 5-6pm on that day. Blessing will be shortly after 5pm , complimentary Maibock Lager until 6pm. Come and enjoy the event this Saturday.

Pint clubbers- our weekly pint club reception will be cancelled this coming Saturday, as we will be offering you complimentary Maibock from 5-6pm


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  1. Ben says:

    Gotta get there early if you want any chance of getting a seat. This event is always packed and always a good time. In addition to the bag pipers, this year they’re adding a tuba player.

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