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Mantorville at First Grand in St. Paul

Join Tod Fyten, brewer and owner of the Mantorville Brewery and his wife Madeline at First Grand Liquor in St. Paul to sample the Stagecoach lineup of brews Wednesday, March 24th from 4 – 6 pm.


  1. Mark says:

    I really enjoy the new Golden Ale that Mantorville puts out..

  2. Tod Fyten says:


    Thank you for kind words . This is a brew I created for the farmers around Mantorville. It is inspired by the brews of Colonge, Germany and malt from North American’s farm fields from Montana to Saskatchewan. In every sense of the word it is the brewery’s Farmhouse Ale. It is also a favorite at our home as it is my wife’s five o’clock beer. As the saying goes Happy wife Happy life.


    Tod Fyten
    President & Brewer
    Mantorville Brewing, St. Croix and Theodore Fyten Brewing Companies

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