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Massive T-Storm Approaching

Everyone loves a good summer Thunderstorm, and one is about to descend on 7 Corners in Minneapolis on Monday.

The National Weather Service has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Minneapolis on August 10Doppler radar has indicated a rotating wall cloud with strong winds capable of tipping all unseemly beers on any outdoor patio.  Damaging hail, lightening and raucous laughter will accompany this deluge.  If you are in the path of this storm you must seek shelter at Town Hall immediately to ride out the beast.  Although we believe this T-Storm will leave a swath of destruction you may also experience an orange peel shower with a coriander rainbow.  So join us at Town Hall at 5pm to weather out the storm and share memories of T-storms gone by.   

All Hail the Thunderstorm!

Thanks to our “Eye in the Sky” (Chad Bacon) for this very important alert-