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Minnesota Beer Monday at Grumpy’s NE

Perhaps you think Mondays suck as much as I do?! Perhaps the fine folks at Grumpy’s NE can help with their MNBeer Mondays?! Every Monday from 5-9pm Grumpy’s NE has all of their Minnesota-made beer at half price. Below you’ll find the current selection. This seems like a great way to make a crappy Monday not so crappy…

$2.00 Summit EPA and Horizon Red
$2.50 Summit Oatmeal Stout (20oz.)
$2.25 Surly Furious & Bitter taps as well as Bender, Coffee Bender and Cynic cans.
$2.00 Crispin Cider (Original and Brut)
$1.50 Grain Belt Taps and Bottles

2200 4th S NE, Mpls.


  1. Idris Arslanian says:

    I take issue w/ Crispin being included as a “MN Made Beer”. They get their apple stock from California, don’t they? It’s kind of like the crap that Granite City pedals in their “Brewpubs”. I call shenanigans.

  2. Sir Isaac Newton says:

    Take it easy….it is coming out of Cali for now, but they will eventually be making it here. I’m sure the good folks at Grumpy’s can charge you full price if you want!

  3. surlybrewer says:

    cider is NOT beer!

    I’m just sayin……

  4. Jono says:

    Cider?? Not beer last time I checked.

    I always wondered how cider got to be part of BJCP when it’s not beer. hmmm..

    Like me some $2.25 Surly though.

  5. Sir Isaac Newton says:

    You guys are ridiculous. Who cares!!!! Really? It’s just beer (and cider)! Let’s all relax and enjoy whatever the f&@k makes you happy.

  6. ryan says:

    MNBeer Mondays sounds much better than MNBeer (& Cider) Mondays or MN Fermented Beverages Monday, etc., etc.

    I’m not sure I agree with the shenanigans comment, either. Like ’em or not, Crispin and Granite City have been pretty straight-up with their products. Crispin doesn’t hide their current source of apples. Similarly, GC has never shyed away from explaining their “Fermentus Interruptus” process of brewing up wort in a central location and fermenting on-site.

    And what’s with the fake names? I like David Foster Wallace and gravity as much as the next guy, but what’s with not using one’s own name?

  7. Willie says:

    Kind of a short list of MN beers. Where’s Flat Earth, Brau Bros, Lift Bridge, and Lake Superior? You guys can do better.

  8. The complaint against Crispin regarding them not using Minnesota-grown apples could be equally applied to any Minnesota-based brewpub/brewery which does not use Minnesota-grown hops, barley and yeast, which I’m guessing is most of them.

    And yes, what’s with the fake names? Afraid to stand behind your words? Or are you just trolling?

  9. Tony @ Grumpy's says:

    True. Crispin in not technically made in MN, and maybe it’s not technically beer, but they are based in NE Mpls where we are, and the whole idea is to promote local vs mich golden light.

    on that note, we have Surly Hell for $2.25 tonight, and Summit Kolsch for $2.00. i hope we can all agree on that 😉


  10. David says:

    Maybe Grumpy’s only knows the breweries in the metro area.

    I had the Kolsch in a bottle and it was terrible. I bet on tap it isn’t much better.

    Nice list. You forgot Lake Superior, whose Oatmeal Stout is 100 times better than Summit.

    Why do you even try Grumpys?

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