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Minnesota Bill Would Give Home Brewers a Hand (?!?!?)

I don’t get it. Fill me in…

Home brewers, the Minnesota Legislature wants to help.

A House panel considers a bill today that would make it legal to brew beer in basements.

The proposal from Democratic Rep. Mindy Greiling would legalize home brewing in basements and other “subgrade areas.” It would cover beer and other malt beverages, bottled water, treated water, flavored beverage syrups and carbonated and non-carbonated drinks.

Greiling’s bill also would require the state Agriculture Department to update drink regulations that now keep brewing areas off limits for other uses — something that’s not practical in homes.

My assumption would be that this is coming from someone wishing to go pro, from homebrewing to commercial beer production, but I really don’t know. Who has the scoop?


  1. Kelly says:

    Would this matter, though….because the TTB wouldn’t allow it anywise….

  2. yoshi says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve hit several sites that all point back to the AP article with absolutely no information. What exactly is she proposing? And should I moved my latest batch from the basement to the main level of my house?

  3. Jeff says:

    Here is the text of the bill:

    Looks like it directs the commissioner of agriculture to make rules changes and allows the follow to occur in basements: manufacture, mix, or compound flavored beverage base or syrup; bottle or treat water; package carbonated or noncarbonated beverages; or bottle beer or other malt beverages.

    I’m not sure as to who is covered under those rules. Is it everyone or only commercial activities?

  4. ryan says:

    I left her a message to ask what it was all about, but that wasn’t long ago, and I haven’t heard back yet. I would assume this comes from a constituent, though I’m just not sure what the idea is… Perhaps the article title and/or the AP piece is misleading. This doesn’t really sound like it pertains to homebrew, but more likely a commercial venture.

  5. Curt says:

    After reading the Minnesota Rules referenced in the proposed bill, this only applies to commercial production. Besides, who brews in their basement…to cold for the yeast to do it’s job!

  6. Kris says:

    Curt’s correct…COMMERCIAL. I think someone just wanted to spice up a February Monday. Here’s the link to the House of Reps bill:

  7. jf says:

    In other words, the linked article is complete BS and poor and inaccurate reporting? Ok, great job Pioneer Press.

  8. jf says:

    In other words, the linked article is complete BS and poor and inaccurate reporting? Ok, great job Pioneer Press.

  9. Trav says:

    Seems this is another area where WI is ahead of the curve. Daves BrewFarm is located in the basement of his house, and it’s awesome!

  10. ryan says:

    JF – looks like it’s an Associated Press piece. But yeah, either way, kinda’ sloppy.

    Since we’re just speculating at this moment, here’s a thread that addresses the feds’ approach to brewing professionally within your own residence…

  11. It *can* be done – I had to jump through a number of additional hoops, bite my nails for 3.5 months and finally get a variance from the TTB to do just that: brew in my “basement.” (And I believe it’s the 4th ever granted, the 3rd was New Belgium…) It’s a commercial space through and through (ADA bathroom, lit exit sign, etc.). We just happen to live above it – a true live/work space.
    Come on out for a visit this weekend, as we’re having BrewFarm Tap Room open hours this weekend (2/27 & 28th from 3:00 – 7:00 each day).
    Trav can tell ya stories…

    Farmer Dave

  12. Jon from Stub's says:


    It sounds’s like I could work with local Home brew shops/club’s. As long as we develop a brew space in the basement at Stub’s and register a beer with the state, we should be legal to produce/sell it.

    If I ran some contest and picked up the costs to brew…who would like their own personal brews on tap locally(at Stub’s)? I smell some awesome contests/promo’s coming to your local establishments.

  13. Not so fast, Jon…
    Behold the first Ring of Fire (of many…), and their name is the TTB.
    What-the-heck? Go for it!
    Feel the pain of filling out more paperwork than you can even begin to imagine! Enjoy dealing with arcane rules and regulations that do nothing but impede your business! Experience the thrill of government employees!
    I could go on…

    BrewFarmer D.

  14. Jon from Stub's says:


    Trust me, we have similar pains running a bar in a major city next to a major university. Arcane rules, government employees and paperwork make every facet of this business difficult. No matter if you brew it or sell it, there is no escaping the BS. However, if you ask me, it is well worth the trouble.

  15. Trav says:

    Well Dave/John, since you guys are talking, how bout a keg of Matacabras makes its way into Johns fine establishment?

  16. Jon from Stubs says:

    I would love it! I have been waiting to see kegs come available.

  17. Oh, the Pressure!
    OK, I’ll brew a batch in the pilot this week and earmark a 1/6 bbl for S&H – how ’bout dem apples?!? (No, not acetaldehyde – tasty, amorphous Matacabras!)
    As a few may know, my 7 bbl system isn’t fully up and functional (though it took a big step forward today with the stainless welder on site!). Once we’re 7 bbl’ing, there will be a much steadier supply of BrewFarm treats crossing the border. Until then, come on out this weekend for some beery preview action. Trav will attest (and no, he’s not on payroll. Yet…) to the delicious oddities within the LaBrewatory! Hope to see ya’ll this weekend!

  18. Jon from Stub's says:


    Thanks Dave! Thanks Trav! I can’t wait to try some Matacabras!

  19. Frank says:

    Jon, make Dave do some Aubexxx for you…very nice. We’ll have Matacabras back on soon at The Nova. Drink local!

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