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Sunday Beer Baby Steps: Sunday Growler Sales

DangerousMan---GrowlerExciting news for craft beer in Minnesota – on Friday, Governor Mark Dayton signed a bill that allows Sunday growler sales at breweries and brewpubs. While it’s not a full-on repeal of bans on Sunday sales, it’s a positive step toward changes to old laws that have been on the books for years – laws that we would never pass today if they didn’t already exist.

Sunday sales of growlers at breweries, brewpubs and taprooms evens out an oddity in Minnesota’s liquor regulations. For quite some time, farm wineries have been able to sell bottles to go on Sundays in Minnesota. I’ve had the pleasure of buying wine at small wineries on Sundays for several years – I think it’s great, but I’ve always thought beer should have been part of that. Now it is! Breweries will still have to obtain municipal licensing, but this is definitely a move in the right direction.