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MinnPost Scribes About Brau Bros

Nice piece about Brau Bros at MinnPost.

By Mark Neuzil | Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010

LUCAN, MINN. — For one family in one small town in southwestern Minnesota, the answer to the economic-development question comes in four parts: water, yeast, hops and barley.

Since 1998, Dustin Brau — yes, the German word for beer is really his last name — and his extended family have been successfully making and selling craft beer from the small town of Lucan, population 220.

Brau Brothers beers are distributed in five states, mostly in Minnesota. Dustin and his brothers Trevor and Brady, along with their father, Dale, take advantage of lower costs in their hometown and a degree of fix-it-or-make-it-yourself ability that’s well known to any farmer.

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