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MN Craft Beer Week Homebrew Contest

In celebration of Minnesota Craft Beer Week, we are having a home-brewed beer contest to showcase American styles of beer. Entries will be accepted between April 18 – May 7 at both Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies. Each entry is $7/two bottles (one entry per style). This contest is open to non-professional home brewers and Minnesota residents.

The contest is limited to styles:

1A – Lite American Lager
1B – Standard American Lager
1C – Premium American Lager
2C – Classic American Pilsner
4A – Dark American Lager
6A – Cream Ale
6B – Blonde Ale
6D – American Wheat or Rye
7B – California Commons
10A – American Pale Ale
10B – American Amber Ale
10C – American Brown Ale
13E – American Stout
14B – American IPA
14C – Imperial IPA
19C – American Barley Wine

There will be many prizes awarded with Best of Show being the opportunity to brew with Mike Hoops at Town Hall Brewery. Please visit our website for more information and to sign up your entry:

This event is registered with the AHA/BJCP and will be judged on Saturday, May 14th with the location to be determined. If you are interested in judging or assisting with the contest, please sign up on the website until May 7th. We strongly encourage judges of all experience levels to help out. (Those interested in helping who have little to no experience will be paired with experienced BJCP judges.)

If you have any questions, please email me at: Thanks!

Gera Exire LaTour
Contest Organizer

P.S. Please pass this on to those who might be interested.