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Brewing TV #53: Lager Workarounds

Brewing TV is in serious homebrew mode for the next three episodes of the show starting with this one on “Lager Workarounds.”

‘Tis the season for brewing and fermenting lagers. But what if you don’t have the set-up for true lagering process (fermenting fridge, near-freezing basement, etc.)? Brewing TV says “Fake the funk!” In this episode, Dawson and our cohort Don Osborn brew up three beers. They use some yeast strain and temperature workarounds to make them into great non-lagers.


Brewing TV is planning some cool roadtrips for 2012 including Colorado next month, Dogfish Head later this spring, and the National Homebrewers Conference (and likely some pro brewers, too) in Seattle this summer. Keep an eye out for upcoming episodes from those trips! All for brew, brew for all!